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Are you living or attending the church of an occultist? The ring they wear will show you

An occult is a person who believes in other supernatural beings from the other world. They have nothing to be with religions like Christianity, Islamic or Traditionalist. They have their own form of religion, they worship gods.

They have nothing to do with God also. Many people are living with occultist but they don't know. In this article, I am going to show you the rings occultist wears which will make you know they are one of them and stay away from them. Are you living or attending the church of an occultist? The ring they wear will show you:

This ring has a star in a circle as it's symbol. The symbol means is called a Paganism. The pentacle is a five-pointed star or pentagram contained within a circle.

The five points of the star represent the four classical elements which are air, water, earth and fire along with a fifth element which is spirit. The symbol is used by witches or demons as a sign of recognition.

It also serves as a protection to them.

This ring has the symbol of the devil. Some will say how do you know it's the devil.

Well, when it comes to the luciferian clan, they have their own temple. In the temple, they have their god which is lucifer statued in there.

As for this ring, it is specially for pastors. They wear this ring for the fake supernatural powers they do in church to work. Most pastors wears this ring, though they teach the word of God alright, they have their mindset.

Can you just drag a person into a corner and slaughter him or her? No, you have to lure the person first so that's the same thing they've been doing. Of you attend any church and see this ring on your pastor then he is an occultist.

You must stop attending that church because you have nothing to do with Satan the devil. Of you see anyone wearing this ring too, stay away from the person.

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Content created and supplied by: barbaraagyeman006 (via Opera News )

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