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Poster of woman who lived 187 years before dying pops up

There is nothing that lasts permanently on earth. Everything has a start and an end and no matter what happens, the end will surely come to substitute whatever that happened right after the start was initiated. This is a simple principle of life which can never be cheated.

In the days of old, we heard that our great grandparents lived many years on earth before death finally came for them. The great old books are talking about instances when a person could live as many as 900 years and above and yet do normal things just like we do. The normal life span we have been witnessing in these days wasn't the same as theirs. They could live long and yet didn't have to be scared of numerous sicknesses.

I don't know who decided to start this idea that life ends at age 70 in these current times instead of the higher ages which was attained in the old times. I guess this is due to the food we eat nowadays as well as the water and the air we breathe in. In the olden days, everything was pure. They ate healthy organic food which therefore led to the prolongation of their life span. The same cannot be said about these current times. We just eat whatever we get and do not think about its consequences on our health one day.

In this article, I am going to show you a Ghanaian woman who almost replicated what happened during the days of old. This woman almost lived for two different centuries, I guess she has seen it all.

Madam Agatha Dapaah came to this world, conquered every battle and is now moving to the next side of the world. Death has shown her the exit and she has complied in a grand style.

I was hearing sometime ago that the oldest person on earth was known as Kane Tanaka and that she was around the age of 118 years. Maybe the Guinness Book of Records would have reconsidered their decision of naming her the oldest surviving person in the world if they had met our own Madam Agatha.

Madam Agatha lived 187 years on earth, the highest I have ever seen and the highest I will ever see. Unfortunately, her breath has stopped and blood is no more running through her veins. Just like everything, there must be an end. May her gentle soul rest in peace.

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