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Camphor for Riches, Prosperity, Protection, Remove bad Negativity and Good lucks

My beloved readers and followers, thank you for your time with me day by day. Today we shall be talking about Camphor. We don't respect Camphor at all because Camphor is close to us. Camphor has both spiritual benefit and very powerful health benefit. If you go to India, Israel and Arab, they use Camphor to start religious sessions.

We get Camphor from a plant. Only a well-grown tree can give us Camphor. The following are some health benefits of using Camphor;

  1. Ear pains: If you are suffering from excessive ear pains. Mix camphor with a small amount of water and drop few droplets in your ears. This will help relieve your pains forever.
  2. Cold or Catarrh: Put Camphor into the water and inhale it deeply. The moment you do this, it will clear your stuffy nose immediately.
  3. Excessive hair breakages: You can mash Camphor and add it to any available oil and smear it in your hair. This will help you grow very nice and strong hairs.

But today we shall be looking at the main spiritual benefits of using Camphor. And the benefits are;

  1. Frequent marriage problems: If you always have a frequent fight and quarrel with your partner, put two Camphors under your wife's pillow and let the wife put two Camphors under the husband's pillow and sleep on it overnight. In the morning, bring the Camphors together and burn them like incense. It will help prevent marriage problems.
  2. Love spell: If you love someone in a good way, get a picture of your lover, write her name and your name together with your picture, add two Camphors to it, wrap them with a white cloth, and bury them in the North Eastward direction.
  3. Job interview: When you are called on for any job interview, never forget to pick two Camphors and pray on them, say whatever you want on them and put them inside your pocket and go for the interview.
  4. Bad or negative energy: If you are experiencing bad luck and unfavourable life, put three Camphors inside water and mop or clear your room. This will help remove all these negative energies around you.
  5. Bad market or Slow-moving business: If your business is not moving on well, mash four Camphors and sprinkle them in the four corners of your business centre. Do this for a week and see changes at your workplace.
  6. Bad dreams: If you are someone who frequently experiences bad dreams during bedtime. Put five Camphor inside your palm and pray over it and put them under your pillow. Trust me, you will begin to receive sweet and amazing dreams.
  7. Promise and fail: If you are someone experiencing Promise and fail, hold three Camphors in your left palm and recite Psalm 72 before you ask for something from someone.

One thing readers are to know is, I write articles to help better the lives of other people. Whosoever have performed my direction accurately comes but with testimonies. I always urge my followers to perform the directions given precisely, so that they may have better results.

I believe this was helpful to my cherished readers. You can ask questions in the comment section if you have any doubt about this article. I will warmly reply to all your questions.

Thank you so much for your interests in my spiritual articles. Please motivate me to do more for you by commenting, sharing, liking and following me for more updates on spiritualities.

Content created and supplied by: TeacherKhobby (via Opera News )

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