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Is he god? See photos of the 21 year old boy who is worshipped as god and has also refused to grow

A man is being treasured and seen as the recurrence of a Hindu God after a secret condition left him only 23 inches tall and would not grow because of an extraordinary illness, reports Dailymail. The man known by name as Manpreet Singh, 21, has the same height and weight as a few months old baby, and is recognized to be likely the briefest individual on earth. 

Right now, his condition stays a secret. In any case, close by occupants in Punjab, India, treat him as a heavenly being and visit him for quite a while to be 'loved'. 

According to his parents Jagtar Singh and Manjeet Kaur, the kid is fit at this point somehow, he isn't developing and wouldn't grow in size since he was a half year old. Surprisingly, doctors have never inspected him appropriately because his family have not able been to treat him under the cost of clinical treatment. 

Jagtar communicated: 'We don't have cash to pay for his treatment.' 

In addition, Mr Singh can't talk and walk – he quit moving his legs when he was three. Notwithstanding, his family believes he gives happiness to the neighbouring occupants.

'We have taken him to different specialists since his was brought into to the world, about 5 to 7 specialists uncovered to us that he is experiencing thyroid and he can be mitigated fittingly, Clearly, we have given him a huge heap of prescriptions and there is no authentic result or change in him.' his mom said. 

Surprisingly, Mr Singh has two family, both of whom have standard tallness, height and weight. His 19-year-old sister Jaspreet remains at home to play and really focus on him. 

Regardless of his uncommon condition, the family need him to get loved, and well known with the objective of getting enough money for his treatment. 

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