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You can still see how much God Loves you. That He set war of confusion among your enemies

Beloved of God. What else do you think that God can't do for you? Our God is greatly on our side. Therefore, this is what does happen to those who claim an enemiship over us. Since we don't have strength as our enemies, but we Love and we are walking with Him, trusting only Him, we must never forget that He is always with us, and available for us. And whenever the enemy believes to harm us, then our Lord God. The Most High the Most powerful. The only Mighty God who have divided the Red sea and closed it but fero couldn't did anything about it, than to die together with it warriors in it, this same Great God will see to it that His war of confusion befall our enemies and they will be fighting among themselves.

The Word of God in Isaiah character 19 verse 2. Even read all from the verse 1. Then you will realize how Great it is true that you are but God's own joy. God will do anything to save us from every harm of the foolish evil. This is why as a person living on earth and breathing in the air of God, and walking on the land, you must come to Him and Serve Him in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ who is the real Son of God and He send Him from Heaven to come onto this earth because of us.

Psalm 68 from the verse 1. And you must read. It says let our Lord God arise and scatter our enemies. Therefore, if you are walking with God and foolish things have taken upon themselves to be evil against you, the only one thing important is that you must call the name of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ and lounch your worries to Him. And watch Him. Continue to Worship Him and, serve Him and pray. Victory is yours. Bless You.

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