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Truth Revealed: Most Rich People Do Not Go To Church Becuase Of These Things.

One of the important purposes wealthy people rarely go to church in a year is because the message sermonizes by most churches is composed for the poor, not for them.

Guess Dr Osei Kwame Despite sitting in a church and pastor is declaring

“Put your hand on your chest, repeat after me, my father my father, any old woman from father’s side, from my mother’s side, that is holding my prosperity, fayayayaya fire fire fire.”

And you will hear all types of tongues "magadadaaaada"

‘There is an individual here, I see a goat, can I prophesy? I see a goat planted in your compound, and that goat has fastened your fortune. Say after me, any goat, buried in my village, to spoil my destiny, fayayayaya ‘


“There are some mercies in life that will influence your helper to discover you. A Person you don’t even know will walk up to you and dash you 2 million for free”


“Your mother-in-law manipulated your children’s future that’s why they can’t pass exams in school. You need deliverance, I see a spiritual husband inside you with spiritual children going to school, that’s why you can’t make it in life .”

See, the time you obtain a billionaire’s attitude, you will start to see how reversed the messages most churches preach are.

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Osei Kwame


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