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Man Narrates What A Fetish Priest Did After He Promised To Help Him Find A Gold On His Farm

A middle-aged man who didn't reveal his real name opened up in an interview about what a fetish priest did after he promised to help him find a gold on his farm. According to the man he got to land at his hometown and started farming on it, but he got information that there is a gold hidden on his farm. His best friend assured him that he has a fetish priest in Accra who can help them locate where the gold is and dig it out.

The friend called the fetish priest who ordered them to take small portions of soil from the land and bring it to his shrine. They did as the fetish priest ordered them to do, when they got to the shrine, the fetish priest used the soil to perform some rituals and he confirmed that there is gold on his farm. The fetish priest requested GH1,500 and a few things to perform another ritual before they can dig out the gold.

The man said he went back to his hometown, took a loan and sent it to the fetish priest to perform the rituals. Few days later, the fetish again demanded fowls and sheep and another GHC200 to continue the rituals. He waited patiently for the fetish priest to come to his farm and dig the gold for him, but he received a call from the fetish priest his mother has died so he has to perform her funeral rites first before he can continue with his work. After the funeral, the fetish priest again took GHC200 from him to use as transport before he came to his farm.

The fetish priest came to his place as he promised but he told him to buy a sheep, white cloth and a schnapp for pacification before he search for the gold and dig it out. After the rituals, the fetish priest revealed to him that they have to wait two weeks before he will be able to get access to the gold. The man added that the fetish priest later told him that he may die if they don't perform another rituals, he again requested two fowls, 2 sheep, a skeleton and a dove for the rituals.

He sent all these items to the shrine but the fetish priest rejected those things claiming that those things are not the particular type he wants. The man said he spent GHC1,000 in buying those things but he returned them and another set of items. After that rituals too, the fetish priest didn't come to dig the gold for him. The man revealed that he took a loan in buying all those things but the fetish priest was not willing to do the work for him. He added that it has been a year since the fetish priest promised to help him find the gold on his farm and also dig it out for him but all his efforts are in vain.

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