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Meet the personality of the corpse with healing properties.

Between 1862 and 1987, Prophet Kwame Nkansah was alive. At the age of 125, he passed away from this world on September 23, 1987. For 70 years, he was into prophecy. Odifo Kwame Nkansah spent the majority of his life in Anyinam, which was and still is the headquarters.

He looked after the ill and needy, feeding and clothing a large number of people.

Nana opoku Oware was his best friend. He performed many miracles in Ghana and beyond, including turning water into gasoline to fuel his cars, the ability to appear and disappear, astral travel, and more.

At the time, he had buses for most of his branches, and his Church had no offering or collection.

He died of natural causes and informed his family about his death and why his body should not be sent to a morgue.

However, after he died as a state prophet to Rawlings, his friend Nana Opoku Ware, along with one of his nephews, a law lecturer who later broke away from the church to form Unified Faith, took his body to Korle-Bu mortuary, where patients reported their healing encounters at the hospital.

As a result, when hospital officials discovered it was his body that had healing properties, they refused to hand over the body.

They gave him a full escort and ambulance, but all the motors and cars were out of commission for around 2 hours, so they had to transport the body in one of his Benz buses to Anyinam.

Nana Opoku Oware arrived late to the funeral, and the family attempted several times to place him in the casket, but the body could not be moved until his friend Nana Opoku Oware arrived to pay his respects.

There was a bolt of heavy lightning that split the party in half as they placed the body into the casket on a bench and as soon as the casket was raised.

People dig where he was buried for a variety of medicinal purposes even today. In Anyinam, there are still photographs of him, ex-President Rawlings, Nana Opoku Oware, and other notables from his period.

Odifo Kwame Nkansah was a great prophet and ancestor to many, despite shortcomings that some have experienced, such as the punishments he meted out to his pastors, including the use of his hands or eyes to strip away some of their powers.

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