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Several Arrested in Morocco for Not Observing Fast

Morocco is one of the African countries which is dominated by Muslims with just some few been Christians. As an Islamic country, every one must observe fast during the month of Ramadan but this is not case.

This month been the month of Ramadan the Moroccan government expect all the Muslims in the country to observe the fasting as directed by the prophet Mohammed(saw). However some of the populace are not fasting even in this month of Ramadan which prompted the government to warrant the arrest of those who do not fast to be detained and to be questioned on the reasons for their actions.

The leadership said that it is compulsory on all able and active Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan there should not be any reason why some Muslims will deliberately not fast during Ramadan even if they could and for such reason they should be arrested and detained until the end of Ramadan.

This is to show that all Muslims in morocco must observe the fast and must go without eating and drinking for the whole of the Ramadan period. Under no circumstance should any Muslim go about eating nor drinking during Ramadan since it is haram not to fast in this sacred month.

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