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Some Pastors Lay In Coffins Set Ablaze So they Can Gain Power To Do Miracles -Evangelist Reveals

It is aware to all that the holy scripture makes mention of certain happenings that will certify the end time.

Amongst them are the emergence of pastors who will claim to be called by God.

A programme "Dasuom Mpaebo" hosted on no.1 FM by Evangelist Kwasi Amagyei gave out some clear signs of such Pastors.

Such Pastors are said to have formed their churches based on occultic grounds.

Some lay in coffins set ablaze so they gain power to do miracles.

A little secret people tend not to know is that, as they continue to attend such churches their souls are been captured by the devil in the spiritual world.

According to the guest for the programme who was ones a member of a similar occult group, an individual that continues to attend such a church for over a period of 3 months is bound to loose their lives since they have finally been bought by the devil from their Pastor.

We should therefore be very mindful of the churches we entrust our salvation to.

Please click on the link below to watch and listen to the secret behind what some Pastors do.

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Dasuom Mpaebo Kwasi Amagyei


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