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TOP 5 African countries with the most beautiful women – see where Ghana falls [OPINION].

Truly African countries have more beautiful women compare to women in the western world. African women are beautiful, charming, gorgeous, tall, dark and classic. They are also referred to as fashion icon and stylist. After a careful study and research we present to you the top 8 countries in Africa with the most beautiful women.

Africa is full of beautiful women.Some African countries have white skinned and other have dark skinned.They all have a treasure of beauties.Here are some examples.


 Many believe Morrocan has the most beautiful women in Africa without an iota of doubt. Their big beautiful eyes and sharp features are so captivating that may cause any man to go mad for a women. It's like you fall in love with every one out of three Moroccan women you see.


Historically, Ethiopian national identity is grounded in the historic and contemporary roles of Christianity and Islam, and the independence of Ethiopia from foreign rule, stemming from the various ancient Ethiopian kingdoms of antiquity.

Ethiopia is considered as a country with most beautiful women in Africa, by many. Women in Ethiopia are very beautiful and good looking. Someone who has never seen the beauty of Ethiopian women before may be amazed at their extraordinary features at first sight. They have chocolate skin, soft cute hair, and stunning facial features. They are mostly tall in height and chocolate in complexion.


Most women in Ghana are chocolate or dark-brown in complexion. The are more taller in height and in fact beautiful.

The government of Ghana has signed on to numerous international goals and conventions to enhance women’s rights in Ghana.

Contrary to worldwide findings that female poverty is correlated with higher rates of female-headed households, findings from the Ghana Living Standards Survey indicate that female-headed households may not actually experience higher poverty than male-headed households.


In most parts of Nigeria, women traditionally had economically important positions in interregional trade and in the markets places. They also worked on farms as major labor sources, and had influential positions in traditional systems of local organization. Women in the southern part of Nigeria had received Western-style education since the nineteenth century, so they occupied positions in the professions and to some extent in politics. 


Egyptians ladies are very splendid. They are mostly fair in complexion, and most often not that tall.

About 90 percent of Egyptians are Muslim, which means they are followers of the Islamic religion. About 10 percent of Egyptians are "Copts", one of the branches of the Christian religion in the olden days.

Africa is indeed blessed with beautiful women.

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