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Start The New Month With These Prayers For Protection From The Almighty God

Father, I know I am not perfect. I have wronged you so many times in the past month, some of which I can not even remember. Even in all these bad times that I made decisions that go against your way, you still protected and loved me like I never disobeyed you. Thank you for your love, guidance and protection throughout the past month.

As we step into a new month, I pray that your love be abundant in my life. May I not live my life against your will as I did in the past, guide my steps Oh Lord. So that I may do as you desire. I pray and ask for protection over the life of my loved ones, my community, country and myself. I pray that your mighty wings cover me in all my endeavors.

I ask that you protect all my friends and family, both far and near. May we never hear any bad news in our homes in this new month. May the new month be filled with joy, peace and your love. So that at the end of the month, we all shall give you glory and honor, and we shall say the Lord has been faithful onto us. In Jesus Christ, your son's name we pray with thanksgiving, Amen.

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