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Hot Video: Bishop Obinim Sends Strong Warning To Those Who Interfere In Pastors' Misunderstandings

Bishop Daniel Obinim, better known to others as Angel Obinim of the International Godsway Church (IGWC) gives a very strong warning to individuals who try to poke their nose in the beefs of Pastors.

He makes this statement following a little misunderstanding between himself and his fellow colleague pastor, Rev. Obofuor where various people tried to say their part in the issue.

According to him, interferrinng in the quarrels of others may land them in trouble one day as they may end up being seen as a third party between the two parties having the misunderstanding.

He revealed that, he and his colleague had settled their differences before he went on to issue an invitation to Obofuor.

He further revealed that the misunderstanding which most people saw and we're speaking their minds was long settled but was not made publicly to all and because of that, one would think something of that sort still existed between the two which was not the case.

Speaking on this, you would realise that it is not always adviseable to involve oneself in the issues of others as one may end up being the one at fault.

One can gladly and clearly refer from those of some celebrities as we know celebrity beefs keep coming every now and then but in no time, they end up settling their differences and the fans end up being locked still in the quarrels tangle.

One thing we must always remember is that not everything gets to be published on social media and thus, you may not be aware when these differences have been settled.

When you want to involve yourself in the business of others, be very careful you do not over say or do anything as you may end up regretting what you do later on.

As the saying goes, remove the logs from your eyes before trying to remove he pecks of others, let us learn to always mind our own businesses and Lea e others to settle their little misunderstandings all by themselves if our help has not been soughted for and that will help us all to avoid landing ourselves into big troubles.

Please click on the link below to watch the video:

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