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Do this to get your prayers answered quickly: use salt and coconut water to receive help from God

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Utilize salt and coconut water at 12 PM and go to get help from God with this incredible supplication. 

Supplication is a weapon of war that we can use to obliterate a foe camp. God has enabled each Christian to appeal to God for forever, yet it is hard for us as Christians to ask. You need to ascend this evening to take what has a place with you through petitions. 

On the off chance that you have salt with coconut water around you, you should simply bring the salt out and pass it against your foe; 

1. Around evening time, for the sake of Jesus Christ, I will pull out the pleasantness of my adversaries into my life. 

2. Since Salt 's presence can not be covered up, my predetermination can not be covered up for the sake of Jesus Christ. So be it Amen. 

3. Whatever the adversary's arrangements and program to stain my future is, as salt can not be stained, so my predetermination for the sake of Jesus Christ will stay pure. 

4. Father, bafflingly as coconut water entered the cover, so my foes will strangely vanish from this world for the sake of Jesus Christ. So be it Amen 

5. Whatever the adversary's projects are to stop my life, I dissipate them for the sake of Jesus Christ, 

6. Magnificence to the living God, happen upon my life for the sake of Jesus Christ and carry taste to whatever I do throughout everyday life. So be it. 

7. For the sake of Jesus Christ, I reject any of the foe's projects to stop my life this month. So be it. 

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