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Agradaa Returns With Honor To The Throne of God Singing, The Blood of Jesus Set Me Free

Evangelical preacher Patricia Asiedu, also known as Nana Agradaa, made her podium debut after suffering more than a month in police jail in connection with an accused money scam involving some of her church's members.

Agradaa was not able to comply with her bail requirements until last week after the courts had revised them.

The first Sunday after her release from detention was Sunday, November 27, and she returned to the pulpit with a service filled with worship and praise singing, as shown in recordings analyzed by GhanaWeb.

Afradaa, dressed in a long white dress, matching headdress, and a handkerchief, gave the opening words for the service and expressed her gratitude to the congregation for their support throughout her judicial ordeal as well as to her husband.

"Presently, my husband and I are saying, "Jesus, we thank you. We give thanks to Jesus. We express our gratitude to God and to his cherished Son Jesus Christ this morning.

"What God has done for us is incredible and beyond our comprehension. What we may say is, "Thank you, Jesus Christ, for everything that happened, if God looked after us and brought us out safely."

She sang frequently about how the "Blood of Jesus" has been essential to surviving the suffering in her heated praise performance at the service, which was limited to a small number of church members, most of whom were dressed in white.

She sang several times, "The Blood of Jesus has spared me from jail, it has saved me from the devil, it has protected me from death, it has saved me from humiliation."

Check out a video from the event on November 27:

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