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Misconceptions Christians have about money

Is money evil? A lots of people have their own answers to this question. One will answer this question based on the understanding they have on this question. In as much as everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, let take a step and look at God's perception about money. Most Christians attributes money to sin/ evil, however it funny to see the same people who call money evil , go round begging for money and doing all sorts of things just to have money.

1.Most Christians are of the view that money is evil.

A lots of Christians are of the perception that money is evil, because of the scripture that says; For the love of money is the root of all evil. A deeper look into this scripture makes it clear to us that, God was not saying MONEY is EVIL, but instead was referring to the LOVE OF IT TO BE EVIL. We all know that,He is a jealous God and expect us to love Him with all we have.He is a wise God and He knows what will happen to us, when we allow money to control us. This happens when we come to love money so much that, it tends to control.Thus, God is not against us having money, He is against us allowing money to control us because of our love for it. Thus making money our god.Money is Good, because God created it and even the Bible says, MONEY ANSWERS ALL THINGS.


This is another perception which most Christians carry about money.We often use what God did for the Israelite when they were living the land of Egypt. God made the Egyptians give unto the Israelite, gold and silver. See God is not an unjust God to give unto you, what you have not worked for. The reason He made the Israelite give unto the Israelite was because they have worked for many years without receiving their wages from the Egyptians.He gave unto them what they have worked for. Even the promised land, He gave unto the Israelites,He ensured they have worked for it. It is about time Christians wake up from this slumber, and work hard to receive financial blessing from God. Instead of always wishing for the downfall of the wicked , so they will inherit their riches. He will not entrust unto you, something we cannot handle or we have not worked for. He will not entrust anything to an indiscipline righteous man.


Another fallacy , most Christians carry. Having your daily bread is enough, after all God will provide us with our daily bread. This is an insult unto the image of God, how can you limit God to a daily bread. The one who holds everything in His hands.Remember, He has made you a lender unto many nations not a borrower or problem to unbelievers. He sees you as a great generation, not a single individual.How can a generation limit him/herself to a daily meal, you are not made to feed only yourself , you are made to feed them with both physical and spiritual gifts including money.There is no way, we can GIVE what we do not have. Thus, as a christian you are not permitted to have only your daily meal , you are permitted to feed many and be the solutions to the needs of money. We are obliged to multiply our daily bread(money), so there will be enough to feed our generations.God is not a God of waste, He always expects us to be fruitful and multiply what he gives unto us.

Hope this article has been of help. In our next article we will talk about how we can multiply , our daily bread(money)

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