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9-year-old Boy Who Doesn't Go To School Nor Go To Church Preaches Like He Has The Bible In His Head

It very unlucky that a very intelligent and courageous boy like Robert does not attend school nor goes to church but has the power and ability to preach and tell Ghanaians to live a righteous life.

There is this viral video that is currently circulating on social media platforms about a boy answering several questions about what who is a Christian, who can go to heaven, what one should do to go to heaven and where he got his knowledge from.

This viral video started with the boy telling the those videoing that, a time is coming when someone power will emerge and ask people whether they did like worship Christ or Satan and if you choose Jesus you will be cut into pieces. He also added that all those who will pick Satan will be consumed with the fire of God the day God comes on earth.

He was asked, how did he got to know all this he revealed that, he gets his messages from his dreams and he doesn't go to church. Those around got surprised and asked of his age and name. He replied by saying he is 9 years old and his name is Robert.

So Robert was later asked, now how then can people be saved from this fire from God? He made known to them to live a righteous life. He went further to explain what a righteous life is; he said, follow all the things God wants you to do and live a moral life. He went ahead to tell them that if you do àll these things but if you fellow brother's money falls and you take it without telling him or giving it to him then you are not a righteous person.

These explanations mesmerized them to the extent that they asked if he attends school but he said, his dad doesn't have money so he doesn't go to school.

Can we say that, Robert truly gets his words from his dreams or someone tells him?

Below is the link to the video of Robert preaching and giving explanations to questions.

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