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"God Is Really a Creator" Here Are Over 20 Natural Wonders You Have Never Come Accross Before

I am about to bring you into the deeper China in my next article on nature and health, not for the growing of rice or the martial arts, but to talk about a legendary plant called "Flower of the Resurrection," which could give life to the dead.

There are many mysteries in the world: from clouds through oceans, mountains and solstices, nature is a real wondrous work of The Higher Being (God).

I am presenting you with trees with extraordinary aspects and special appearances in this relaxing article. These small nature wonders found in the world lead us to reconsider the boundary of human beings and to give meaning to the work of the universe's greatest Creative Scientist.

God is the founder of the universe and of the entire universe in popular religious beliefs such as Christianity and Islam.

See more extraordinary pictures here:

Everything that man has created, the Bible states that under the sun there's nothing new, that all technological advances have been given already in advance.

Let's all spare a minute to praise the living God for his wonders....don't forget to like and share with others too

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