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Fake pastors and churches: See reasonable reasons why you should stop going to church

Churches are good, if we could remember the importance of church in school, it's to be free from any sinful act or relation. The Sabbath day which is the day to go to church and also should keep it Holy as the Bible suggest.

Have we seen some people who go to church but when they return home they behave as if they've never heard of God? What at all do they or we do in churches? We pray, sing, glory and thank God and even ask of something from him.

Can't we stay at home and do all these? The number 1 reason why people go to church is to be free from social vices at home, isn't it? If you could remember, people say when you go to boarding and come, you will become a bad boy or girl and all negative related activities but what did the wise way.

There is nothing like peer pressure if we are determined to follow the right path and do the right thing. Let's get started with our topic.

Stop going to churches as I say and people will ask why? Why because, do you know the history of most churches? Some churches have human beings buried under it to give the pastor power to perform miracles and win souls for the devil.

Do you remember the disciples of Jesus and Jesus himself, did you see Jesus performing miracles just to show he has power? No, doubt me in the comment section if you think am wrong. Jesus miracles was to help people but not to show off.

So my message for you is that most churches are fake so stop going to churches and turn your home into a church, worship with your family. Read the Bible and preach with your family, I know and hope we aren't kids not to know the Bible.

Right now you are using a phone to read my message, if you don't understand something in the Bible just Google it and you'll know the answer. Browse it and no matter what you'll find an answer. Please don't let the fake teachings of pastors trick you it their demonic miracles, may the lord protect and give you more knowledge to know him better and do his will.

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