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Pastor Runs For His Life After Being Pastor Runs For His Life After Being Followed By Ghost (Video)

pastor is the leader of a congregation who also gives advice and counsel to people from the community or congregation.

In Protestantism, a pastor may be ordained or not while in the Catholic Church and Orthodox Churches, the pastor is always an ordained priest.

Pastors encourage their members to be bold and face the enemy in all aspects in life.

But a pastor was spotted running for his life in a video after seeing a ghost in his camera.

According to the video a pastor was praying in tongues and at the same time taking video recording with his phone.

So in the cause of taking the video he spotted unidentified person wearing white straight dressed walking towards to him in the video recording.

The unidentified image started following the pastor as he also started to run whilst taking the video recording.

Could it be that the pastors faith is not strong enough as he did not face the ghost with prayers.

Click the link below to watch the funny moments as pastor run for his life after seeing a ghost.

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