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Is There Truly An Earthly House Good Enough To Contain The Spirit Of Man ?

Even if the person that is being buried lived a life full of curses to others, no one says any evil or bad thing about the dead during funerals. This phenomenon makes the impact of people who have lived their life being a blessing to others less meaningful

Lawyer Kwadjo Owusu Afriyie popularly known as Sir John was a true hero to a lot of people. He lived a life that seems to have blessed the lives of so many people positively. His impact was so great that a lot of people have taken to social media to express various forms of grief as his funeral is being held. Sir John may not be a perfect man but he seems to have truly lived a life that was full of blessing to so many people. It will not be another hoax or pretentious expression of true sadness at the loss of a good man who was a blessing to so many people during his funeral.

The expression of sadness and grief would be real and the impact of his loss would be truly felt. Even his grave would have been a real dwelling place but is there truly an earthly house good enough to contain the spirit of man?Indeed death is inevitable for every man born of a woman.In the end we will all return to dust in expectation of a second chance at life in paradise

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John Kwadjo Owusu Afriyie


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