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Negative Effects Of Pride

Ever heard the saying "Pride goes before fall." Yes. The Lord Almighty God has made it clear in the Holy Scripture that any creature that does not humble himself or herself shall fall. It is believed that Lucifer was thrown down onto the earth because of Pride.

Due to Pride, many people have missed or lost so many life time opportunities, opportunities that could have placed them on their desirable heights or opportunities that could have changed their entire lives from bad to good. It can be seen that pride, if not dealt with in the shortest possible time, will lead to so many negative effects.

Pride does not help one to learn new things in life. How possible? Pride makes one think himself or herself the repository of all knowledege. And how can one person be the repository of all knowledge? This feature hardens your heart, and makes you feel you have everything within your reach to acquire knowledge in a short span.

If care is not taken, pride will make you feed your mind or brain with the wrong or negative information. You can tell the negative effects of wrong information on an individual or person. It (wrong information) has the capacity to change your life and even the lives of others. Always humble yourself.

Pride also has the capacity to separate people from you. That is, people will not draw closer to you. And this in turn affects you in the negative manner or way. When such incident occurs, people will not come to your aid in times of troubles or when the need arises.

Desist from all forms of pride and arrogance, as this affects your finances, health. Pride comes before fall. If you humble yourself, the Lord God will raise you but if you raise yourself (Pride), the Lord God will bring you down.

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