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God is ready to accept your prayer

Before you pray you must ensure the following;

1. You have to follow and observe Allah's commandments, before your prayer will be fufilled you need to follow Gods instructions.

2. You have to get rid of any unlawful acts, also you are expected to get rid or prevent any unlawful act which have been recited to you in the Hadith and in the Quran.

3. Believe in the power of Allah and have confidence that your request would be answered by Allah.

4. Performance of ablution in a clean environment with a clean dress, You are expected to pray in a clean environment and a hygienic Condition.

5. Pray and observe your prayer with a concentrating mind. Always pray whiles concentrating for your request to be delivered.

6. Recite and repeat your prayer several times.

Also pray whiles pray God almighty and thanking him as well.

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