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Anyone Who Makes It Big In Life Has Spiritual Backing-Ajagurajah Drop Secrets Of Successful People

Controversial Cleric, Prophet Ajagurajah has downplayed the notion that 'hard work pays' in a latest video.

According to Prophet Ajagurajah, successful people have spiritual backing.

He explained that no one should blame his/her failed life for being lazy because one needs guidance to make it big in life.

Ajagurajah opined that successful people lie to the public by claiming they attained their wealth due to hard work and they don't want to reveal how they made it in life.

He reiterated that hustle or hard work can never make one become successful.

"This life whoever tells you that hard work(hustle) makes people successful is a liar. The person doesn't want to show you the way.Follow person who know road."

Ajagurajah's assertion has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

A section of netizens rubbished his claim that hard work doesn't pay as they cited Elon Musk and Bill Gates as living testimonies that hard work pay.

Others also agreed with his assertion as they claim that people do 'secret' things to attain their wealth.

Watch the video below:

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