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Are you living on God's side in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ? Or who's side are you?

Dear great friend of God. Let your own heart answer this question and examine yourself and let this remain between you and God. For anybody who believes that our Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God, has done a great job of God and is accountable to you and yourself. Nowadays, people's faith has become a true reality kind of hypocrisy, of which they abandon the effective quality prayer and regular fasting and they rather turn out to be living in herbs and other short term remedies to be believing that they are solving their problems.

More fake Christianity is on the go. Selling of medison in the so call Church with blindfold claims to be preaching word of God and self a claim one only prophets, than the Elijah and Jesus Christ days, Paul's days of the serving of God. And this is taking a few Holy Spirit filled prayer and fasting servants of God to eschewed themselves from these kinds of hypocrite practices.

The Word of God in the Bible according to the Book of John chapter 3 verse 35. Say that you who truly believe that the Son of God is our Lord Jesus Christ, you have an everlasting life. And this is because you are not going to be sleeping and eating without fasting and praying in the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. You will be active in the Holy Spirit at all times, therefore, nothing of any compromise minute will lure you from your faith in the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah chapter 53 verse 5 says that by the stripe of Jesus Christ we are heal. This been achieved by Prayer of the Prophet Elijah kind of a servant of God. But is not by the seller of anything to make enough money on you kind of people via Jesus anything.

In Mathew chapter 26 verse 26 to 28. Jesus Christ led us to believe in Him as He broke the bread and take a cup of wine. This to help us to be wise enough to identify His true servants and fake people. Beloved. Don't be lazy and be sleeping at all the times without you having a good time with God in prayer, so to be filled with the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then all these sellers in the name of God will not get you and be worsening your case. Bless you.

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