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"This Lady Was Exceptionally Created" - People Can't Stop Admiring Her (Photos)

God created us in different ways, some people are dwarf, some are tall, some are big and some are slim. God has a reason for creating everybody the way we are, it is not because he loves one person more than the other that he chose to make someone a dwarf and others a tall one.

When I came across this lady's pictures, I was forced to glorify the name of God because of the unique way he has created her. This lady is so beautiful and exceptionally tall, she is unique with her height, and I have never seen an African lady so tall and beautiful like that.

This lady should marry a man with an average height and not someone as tall as her, otherwise they will have children that could even be taller than them. In fact, she makes everybody that stands beside her look like a dwarf because of her unbelievable height.

The reality of life is that you cannot have everything to yourself, is either you are tall and may not be beautiful, while people are beautiful but short. It is impossible to see someone that will poss all the qualities at one time. We all have different sizes, weight, colour, height, physical appearance and even behavior.

No matter how you are created, never look down on yourself because in this life everybody is in the middle. Don't be dismayed by your physical appearance, everybody is beautiful, and we all have our own uniqueness no matter how little it is, so stand up for yourself and never be discouraged by what people say about you.

Can you marry a lady as tall as this? Your opinion is always important to us.

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