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"Unbelievable: Meet A Man With 15 Wives And 107 Children And His Reason Will Amaze You [Video]

The world is experiencing many different things, and today I'll walk you through one of them. This article is about a man who had 107 children from 15 different women. When you first get to their place, you might assume they are having a get-together, but they are really just one huge family.

How is that even doable? How does it persuade all of these women and make them swear to love one another? And how does he handle 15 spouses, all of whom are remarkable in their mutual love and willingness to share everything they have? When it comes to making any meal and cooking. There must be a lot of it done. As one of the largest families.

The individual follows in the steps of the Israel model and is a genius in this field as well as a historian. the person in the Bible who had more than a thousand wives. Any one of Solomon's stories that demonstrates his argument, in his opinion, illustrates the more women you have, the wiser you are. He makes the joke that if you just have one wife, you need more knowledge. So how does he manage to attract so many women? And why do people continue to seek him out when he is not even that great? He claims he wants to continue bringing in brides and having children. He has more than 100 kids as of right now. This woman respects David as a king and treats him accordingly.

61-year-old David Sokka is a resident of Kenya and the father of 107 kids born to 15 different women. Since it is extremely uncommon for a genius to originate from his tribe, his history of having numerous marriages piques interest as it calls. It takes at least 300 years to happen, so whenever it does, David steps in because he was born a genius of the two centuries.

He is a historian, which is why he has visited several nations, including Sudan, Yemen, Burundi, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda. David read more than 4,000 books, which served as one of the foundations for his biography. And what makes him a genius is how he retains every detail from those books in his head, from page to page.

He also communicates history verbally, mouth to mouth, rather than writing it down, for example, if it pertains to a particular clan or tribe. It must include all of the details, such as the many occasions since existence began, the ups and downs, and how he makes money by disseminating such crucial knowledge.

David claimed that if he had been in this situation, King Solomon would have emulated him, and as a result, women should approach him the same way they did when Queen Sheba of Ethiopia heard about him. I'd be getting married to more and more women every day. And the land issue in this area just keeps getting worse.

We have to offer the woman we're marrying a specific parcel of land. These plots of land are also pricey today. However, the man is quite good at controlling these 15 women and making sure that no one fights or even interacts with one another. His wives also gave evidence. They were wed in 1998. And 11 of the children I had with other people are still alive and will live. Although the husband is married to 14 other women, they coexist harmoniously.

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