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Sister Victoria: Words cannot describe the sort of beauty I saw in Heaven when Jesus took me there.

This testimony is by sister Victoria Nehale from Namibia who has taken to Heaven or Hell not less than 30 times. This is the link to her story:

She narrated that after they had visited hell, the Lord took her to a place where she had never been before. As they moved, they arrived in a garden filled with beautiful flowers and beautiful green trees.

In her very own words, she said “the flowers were in all kinds of beautiful and such bright colors. Jesus and I sat down on a beautiful garden bench which was made from solid gold with small brightly-shining silver stars.

She indicated that as they sat down, The Lord pointed ahead and said unto her, "Victoria, look, can you see that city?" When she looked, she saw a very large and brightly-lit city.

The nature of the city was beautiful beyond description. It had a shining golden gate and with a man who looked to be of great age, sitting by the gate. He had a long white beard and hair. 

She noticed she had glanced upon this man earlier and seeing her again, asked the Lord Jesus Christ who it was. Jesus told her that that is Father Abraham, the father of faith. 

She continued "I saw many roads in that city which are also paved with gold. There were high-rise buildings that shone like gold. The entire city cannot be described in human words or vocabulary.”

After she had taken time to digest the beauty of the city, Jesus then asked her, "What do you think about that city?" She answered “it is beautiful and I want to go there.

Jesus said unto her, "I will take you there if you continue to be obedient because that is also where your house will be. Stay obedient - because if you are disobedient, crows will fly in your house.”

Jesus continued “your house will be a dwelling place of owls and a playground of ghosts. However, do not fear, because I am with you; Just obey."

"For everyone who is disobedient, his house will have crows flying there. it will be a dwelling place of owls and a playground of ghosts."

In her testimony, she described how Jesus Christ is real and how He loves us with a love that cannot be described.

She indicated that, Jesus’ greatest desire is for everyone to choose life and spend eternity with Him. His heart is aching for all those people who are dying and going to Hell because they chose to reject the Salvation He offered unto them and chose death instead.

In her final words, she said “whether you are a born-again Christian or not, please always remember this one thing: Time is fast running out.”

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