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Wicked World: Gospel Musician Noble Nketia Narrate how he was poisoned and nearly died-Video

One day you'll die and you'll be placed in a box, or wrapped in a piece of cloth and lowered in a pit and covered with the earth. Any which way, you'll be disposed of somehow regardless of your status on earth. And there you'll remain all alone by yourself till the day the blower of the trumpet blows his trumpet.

Whether heaven and hell are real would be yours to find out and unfortunately there'll be nothing you could do about it. Whether you believed or not in rendering accounts for your deeds for the days you spent on this earth, whether you believe in the reward of heaven and in the retribution of hell would be inconsequential; what would be would be.

If you lived a good life, and it happened that there'll be recompense and that heaven and hell are real, you're good! You might have gambled correctly. If they happened to be creations of myths, you lose nothing. The fulfillment that came with touching lives positively during your days on earth should be enough.

But if you lived a life of wickedness, engaging in all evil, because your belief systems said life is only what happens here and that there's nothing like heaven and hell or the reward for good and punishment for evil, and these happen to be real, then you'll regret till eternity. Why on earth, will anybody think of killing his fellow human being for no apparent reason.

Speaking on Kingdom FM Plus this afternoon, the renowned gospel musician posited "I was in Kumasi and crossing the road. I couldn't see anything and didn't know where I was standing. An articulator was speeding towards me and a good samaritan pushed me from the road and rescued me."

"At another program at Obuasi, I was lodging at a the hotel where I was supposed to go and perform. During a radio program phone in segment, I received all the praise and that generated hatred for me. As I ordered my food to be brought to me, I heard a noise outside and went to witnessed what was happening. A mentally deranged man was arguing with the hotel staffs and he had kicked my food to the ground".

Before I realised the food on the ground had changed color. It was poisoned and this shows not everyone will like you with what you are doing."

You can watch the full video here

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Noble Nketia Wicked World


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