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How do pastors of churches get rich by preaching?

An Indian film named Trance reveals a true story that happening in every in the world. How a gods man can own a $450K house and expensive cars and a private jet? Meanwhile the members of the church are coming to seek blessing from the god.

The debutante says that the film is as much about people who corrupt religion as it is about familial bonds

Trance is a bold take on merchants of faith who build empires using religion as a foundation; it is about ‘faith healers’ and miracle workers. Vincent says he is a believer but he is against corporatization of spirituality.

He also views that there is more to the film than just talking about people being exploited in the name of their faith. “It is also about family and relationships. The protagonist, although a motivational speaker, goes into depression because of the turmoil's in his personal life and it’s in that situation that he takes up the offer to become a ‘god man’,” 

Trance tells the story of an atheist, Viju Prasad (a brilliant Fahadh), who works as a motivational speaker. However, Viju himself is struggling and when he gets the opportunity to become a 'miracle worker', he decides to take the plunge. We're taken through his journey as he becomes Joshua Carlton, a pastor who draws humongous crowds, but ends up having a mental health crisis.

The writer avers that not all pastors are fake. Many who consider it a service to help people. They pray, don’t claim to do miracles and never stop people from consulting a doctor.

The movie Trance was a bit controversial as it is critical on making religion as a business. The movie’s plot revolves around a motivational speaker who was an atheist and for financial purposes he became a pastor.

You just have a look at the trailer of the movie.


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