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The Top Five Largest Churches in Ghana

Christianity is the most dominant religion in Ghana. Ever since the White man introduced the Bible in Africa, we have grown significantly in numbers for the religion. Apart from helping to impact the moral lives of the congregants, churches have helped in diverse ways in the development of the country. 

There are several schools, hospitals and other projects that have been built by Christians. There are a lot of christian denominations in the country.

We take a look at the five most populous churches in Ghana now

1. The Church of Pentecost; the church which was established in1962 has over 100 branches.

The church of Pentecost has helped the nation in several ways, it has recently built a prison block for the nation to help reduce the congestion in our overloaded prisons.

The church has an approximate congregation of 3,000,000.

2. The Catholic Church; this is one of the churches which is globally known. The Catholic Church is said to have been the first to come to Ghana. It is also credited with a lot of schools to its name.

The church also have about 3,000,000 congregants.

3. The Presbyterian Church of Ghana; the church that has built plenty secondary schools, as well Ghana's first teacher training college with a university to its name, has about 1500,000 congregants.

4. The Methodist Church of Ghana; one of the earliest churches to come to the Gold Coast. It was established in 1835 in Ghana. The church has about 1000,000 congregants. It has also contributed to development of school infrastructure in Ghana.

5. Christ Apostolic Church; CAC started as a healing center by Apostle Peter Anim. The church that had a small beginning is now having a lot of branche, making it to the top five most populous churches in Ghana.

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