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Religion Superstition and Spiritualities

THE END TIME IS REALLY AT HAND :Can't Believe What a Pastor Was Spotted Doing to Lady in Church That Got People Talking About.

A Pastor should be somebody who should take care of the issues of his congregation individuals and even people who are hungry for the word of God.They should help them in supplications and also help them grow in the spirit of the Lord. Ministers or men of God supposed to assist individuals who are in need and shapenned their lives spiritually,financially etc.

As indicated by a video from our sources the man of God has made it a habit of touching female from his gathering all for the sake of seeking after devils from her life. 

The individuals from his assembly couldn't get the hearts when they perceived how the man of God was dealing with the woman .why Africans now love to do any sort of things simply in the name of Jesus but our heart is far away. Man of God will just call out a lady and kiss her saying it's the will of God which God has not.may the Lord have mercy on us  

Some Ministers of these days have now transform into something else and they are starting to free the minds of individuals to feel like there's no God.

Individuals who can't stand towards what the minister did voiced their displeasure. They considered it a wrong doing. what the man of did. They are suppose to live good life style and good moral lessons for others to follow but we don't see this things now a days in some of the men of God.

Do you think getting personal with ladies really projects out these evil spirits? We are anxious to hear from you also

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