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The 12 laws of Karma explained in details with pictures. See Pictures

In this life whatever you do today is what will determine your tomorrow. Yesterday is gone so it is history because it has already been used. Tomorrow is a mystery because you don't know anything about it so leave it to the mystery solver (God). But today is a gift that's why it is called Present so use it wisely because today alone can change your tomorrow.

Here are the shortlist of the 12 laws of Karma:

1. The Great Law :

Never do evil to your fellow human being because the universe automatically reflects our action unto us when we throw it to others.

2. The law of Creation :

No one is going to help change you, better get on your feet and do something good for yourself and your family.

3.The law of humility:

Before you Can repair something which is damaged, you need to admit that your actions caused it. The universe will help you.

4. The law of growth:

Nature does not cheat. How you prepare it is how you will enjoy it. Do good and get blessed.

5. The law of responsibility:

This law means one must take the obligation for what has happened in his or her life in the current state. Whatever that happened to us was our own mistakes.

6. The law of connection:

As stated earlier in the beginning the past, present, and the future are connected. So your present determines your past and future. So let your present change your past and future.

7. The law of focus:

Focus on a single task and complete it before moving on to the other. You can never eat with two hands when hungry.

8. The law of Giving and Hospitality:

The way you behave must match your thoughts. Never frustrate your actions with directions.

9. The law of here and now:

If you want to be a successful person in life, you need to forgo what has happened to you and move on in life.

10. The law of change:

Until you change your mentality, you will continue to remain the same until the end reaches you.

11. The law of patience and reward:

Patience is indeed the key factor to everything. Wait for it to reach your turn before striking.

12. The law of significance and inspiration:

This law is used to boost the morale of a worker. Never cheat a fellow human being else you will surely get rewarded the same way.

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