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Here Is What It Means To Dream Of Death; Not Bad As You Think

Dreaming about death – yours or that of another person - does not mean that something bad is coming your way. The most common interpretation of this type of dream is that it relates to something ending or changing in your life. This could involve a personal transformation of some sort, either for better or for worse.

Experiencing your own death can be related to failures in your real life, the end of relationships or of ambitions. Witnessing the death of ‘bad’ people in your dreams can be read as your facing up to negative areas of your life.

Real Life Action: Consider the areas of your life which have changed or need to change, and think carefully about how this will impact upon your future. You can influence your own destiny, but just need to remove anything which is holding you back or preventing you from meeting your goals.

We all need a change sometimes, and whether it was due to choices you made or came as a bolt from the blue, it is up to you to make it into a positive and transformative event.

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Not Bad As Real Life Action


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