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I Get Wet When He Hugs Me - Lady Shares Story Of How Attracted She Is To Her Pastor

If there's one word that can sum up the world we live in now, it would be "Interesting". We live in interesting times and I say that with a sarcastic tone.

Every day we wake up to mind-boggling revelations that simply overwhelm our mortal minds. A new revelation spotted on social media captured a story of a lady who has been having a feeling of seducing her pastor and sleeping him. According to the lady, she has prayed and fasted to purge herself from the feeling but it still persists.

She explained that the urge is so strong to the extent that she even gets wet simply by hugging her pastor. In simple words, the lady wants her pastor to go against Bible doctrines just to quench her thirst and urge. But by her attempt to fast and pray to eradicate the feeling means that she knows it's wrong to even entertain the thought.

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