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The tomb where Jesus was buried which is over 500 years old, see how beautiful inside looks

Jesus Christ is the most popular and pious man who has ever lived, described as the son of the Virgin Mary who is the holiest woman to have lived and the messiah who died to save all humans from spiritual death and grant us eternal life.

The tomb in which Jesus Christ as well as Lazarus were laid to rest after he (Christ) was crucified has been well preserved and has been passed from generations to generations through careful renovations while maintaining every Christianic inscriptions, historical facts and drawings.

It was unearthed in the year 1867 Gabriel barkay who is an Israeli archeologist who believes the tomb dates back to as far as 8th and 9th century BC.

The tomb is now a holy site reserved for religious studies and religious activities as well as pilgrimages and archeological studies.

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Although the exact tomb where Jesus is believed to had resurrected is not well sure, there are three tombs which share extremely similar

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