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VIDEO: Daughters Of Eve Reveals The Sweetest Thing Created By God. It Is Not Sex.

Have you ever taken the time to know or think about the sweetest thing in the world or the happiest thing in life. This is what almost everyone is searching for. And most people have even concluded in their minds that sex is the sweetest thing on earth. However those ladies have shown otherwise.

We all have the liberty and freedom to make choices and preferences. The saying: “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” is an adage that is non arguable. Everyone has his or her likes and dislikes. But on a personal level what do you think is the sweetest thing is in world or ever created by God?

Two ladies dubbed as “daughters of Eve” have publicly shared their preference on this topic and revealed the sweetest thing that exist in the world. Can you give a quick guess before you continue reading? What comes to mind when asked about the sweetest thing in the world?

In a self recording video, these ladies started by praising God and giving Him all the appellation. According to them, God in his infinite wisdom came down to earth to purposely create the sweetest thing in the world. The sweetest thing currently existing in the world is “igbo.” For those understand Yoruba language can definitely understand what it means. For those who do not understand what “Igbo” is; Igbo means weed. The feeling they get weed consumption is the most pleasurable thing on earth. Do you agree with them?

The video is now out on social media and it is making quite some rounds online. People who come across the video online either accuse these ladies of mocking the Almighty God, whilst others are of the view that the ladies are right. Check out some comments and replies from social media users.

You can click here to watch the video.

What do think about these ladies assertion. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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Eve It Is Not


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