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I want to take my life from God and give it to you. Young man blasphemes after seeing Mabie May

I don't know why most of us don't have a little bit of fear for God. Anyone rises up and speaks anyhow about God without thinking about their choice of words and the consequences they are likely to bear. You might be an atheist but that doesn't guarantee you the mandate to talk I'll about one's religion.

It is very sickening going outside your homes to the streets and realizing people have no value for the words stated categorically in the Bible. The Bible talked about us not mentioning the name of the Lord in vain in the ten commandments but some people in this generation have someway rewritten their own Biblical words and are pulling off disrespect wherever they find themselves.

One may ask why I am so concerned about we pulling up respect for all religions? Where from this rant of mine? I am sick and tired of seeing the youth talk anyway about God, it has been on an exponential phase and I think it is high time we all put a stop to it.

I hope most of you know Mabie May, the very nice and decent Ghanaian young lady who happens to be a makeup artist. She is a woman who has got the curves and for that reason, many people have continually seen her name on their lips. She doesn't consider herself as a model but looking at her pictures, you will be made to believe she is one because they are pyrotechnic. Below are some pictures of hers which went viral over the past few months

Some few hours ago, she decided to add two amazing pictures to her collection and came up with a very catchy yet simple caption. She only asked her followers as well as people around to just describe her with an emoji.

This is just simple but a certain young man decided to make it complicated by even dragging the name of his family inside. As if his family was not enough, he decided to make fun of God in that same statement and I think it was very needless. He made this statement, "When should I withdraw my family's and my life from God to handover to you?" It is circled right below.

The fact that he thinks it is a funny comment is what gets me irritated. How can you even think about that? You want to take your life and the lives of your family members from God and give it to a lady you just met on the internet? People are really doing the most.

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