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Human being as the most unknown creature of all

The creatures in the universe, none needs knowing as much as the human being is. We said that the subjects which are discussed in philosophy that is, all schools of philosophy in the world deal with them are God, the universe and man.

Now, some schools of philosophy have dealt more with issues about God. Others have explored more about the universe while a third group concentrates more on the human being.Of all the parts of the universe, what distinction the human being has because of which we say, "Man and the universe"? Is the human being not an integral part of the universe? Yes, the human being is an integral part of the universe but this part is different from all other parts or, let us say that he has certain intricacies for which compared to all other parts of the universe, he is more in need of interpretation and justification. Metal is also an integral part.Iron, steel, gold, silver, and plant are also parts of the universe, but they are not much in need of interpretation and justification in that there must be a need for a set of assumptions, theories and schemes to know or identify them. As such, now, it is claimed that the human being is the most unknown creature in the universe. There is a book by Alexis Carrel' entitled Man, The Unknown (L'Homme, cet inconnu) (1935). It is a good title. It is surprising that although the man himself is the agent in knowing other things and he has known much more things far from him and at times it is claimed that there is nothing unknown about them.Regarding the closest beings to him who is the very agent of knowing things, that is, man - has many unknown aspects. One of the unknowns regarding man is the very issue of human dispositions (fitriyyat)' which are of two kinds; one is in the context of knowing, understanding and discernment, and the other is in the context of wants and desires.    

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