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How to stop the demon of poverty and get financial Breakthrough.

The Bible teaches about poverty and its effects on people. To write or speak about a spirit of poverty does not fall into the arena of prosperity teaching. A spirit of poverty has nothing to do with how much anyone owns, what they eat or wear. A spirit of poverty can oppress, and not infrequently does, wealthy people. Many people below the "poverty level" are not oppressed by this spirit. It has nothing to do with wealth or lack of it. It is related to greed and fear of loss.

A spirit of poverty can be defined as a demonic spirit empowered by iniquity and sin in the areas of giving and receiving. It operates generationally through iniquity, therefore it is a familiar or family line spirit. This spirit is related to Belial, the destroyer, described in Psalm 18:4 and 2 Corinthians 6:15. A spirit of poverty is a condition in a person or a land.

The Spirit of poverty manifest in areas such as laziness, greed, stealing, concealing sin and lack of generosity.

Below is a prayer based on God’s Word that will help you get started down the right path:

Dear Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, I thank You for Your Word that has come to me through this article. I receive it into my spirit with meekness, gladness and faith. Your Word is mixed with faith in my heart and I am energized from within by the Holy Spirit to put it to work. I declare that as I put your Word to work in my prayer life, it produces the right results. May poverty be out of my life and make Your Word becomes evident as I receive answers to my prayers, in Jesus Name.

Thank You Lord for blessing me so much. I’m blessed in my spirit, my soul and my body. I’m blessed in my going out and in my coming in. Everything I lay my hands upon to do prospers in the Name of Jesus. Thank You for Your wisdom that You’ve made available to me. The Wisdom of God is functioning in me, causing me to think right, speak right and act right. I’m walking in the blessing and in the glory of God, in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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