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When Jesus visited me, He spoke against Football Teams and the Game itself - Sis Victoria

This is the testimony of sister Afangbedzi Victoire from the Republic of Togo, married to an Mr. Herbert, an evangelist. This is the link to the story:

When sister Victoire started to have migraine on one morning, she thought it was just an ordinary pain. As she felt dizzy after doing blood transfusion, all she realized was that her bedroom had been illuminated by an exceedingly bright light.

She then saw two angels in her bedroom that said "Victoire, rise up. We must go." Immediately they said that, her spirit came out of her body.

As they moved, she saw the Lord Jesus Christ coming down with such tremendous glory. He landed before her and laid His hand on her.

Then they set off on a journey. She indicated that, “I saw two roads before me. One road was spacious and large, the other was narrow. I noticed that there was nobody on the narrow road but I saw thousands of people on that spacious and large road.

She continued “I noticed that these crowds looked godly. Those people were dressed with modesty. They did not wear rings or pieces of jewelry and bracelets.

Women were not in pants, they had their heads covered. There were also men of God and adolescents among them.

Some of the people were singing in the glory of God. Some were praying in tongues and they were all advancing.”

Then the Lord Jesus Christ stood before her and said, "Victoire, all these people are Christians but they have not purified themselves. Although they have dressed differently from the world, their hearts are full of lies, full of fornication, full of hatred, full of hypocrisy; in fact, all of them are on the spacious road to hell."

All of a sudden, he saw footballers on the road. They were training whilst others held footballs. The Lord Looking at them, Jesus said "These footballers and people whose are very passionate about the game are heading to hell."

He also indicated that any man or woman who is a fan of football teams will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

He described how football is a Satanic institution. He said that football is also played in the spirit world but they use a human skull like a ball.

Jesus showed her the demon in charge of football. He is often worshipped and honoured by teams and their supporters.

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