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The Lord Our God Will be Sweet and Mercifull to Us from now on as we love Him.

Precious one of God. I'm reminding you today. That stop thinking that God Hates you. Never. Our God does never hated us. But we are rather the one who doesn't understand His times and plans for our lives.

BECAUSE, as a I'm telling you now, God is surely the only one who will be Sweet to you and be Mercifull to you at the same time. For God is the only one, who Blesses without adding sorrow to it.

Unlike satan which deceives and destroy, God is the sweetest and Mercifull to all of us unless we choose the wrong way, by disobeying Him.

Look at Spalm 145:9. Which is telling us the truth about our living God. The creator of the world and you. Saying, God is Sweet to you and Mercifull to you as well. If you are not the ungrateful one, why would you abandon the greatest love, and go for what will destroy you?

Beloved. Redeem yourself now. As the Prodigal Child, run your way out from satan and it sins and come back Home and enjoy the everlasting Sweetness and the Mercies of the Lord Our Own God in the Mighty name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth. Our Lord of lords JESUS CHRIST love you.

Bless you.

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