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Meet Lawyer Charlene Agyinasare, Daughter of Perez Chapel's Bishop Charles Agyinasare, See Rare PICS

Rev. Mrs Vivian Agyinasare with Selaise, Charlene and Francis.

From very humble beginnings as a church planter, who had no other work, except preaching, teaching and praying, he today stands tall, as a great man of God and also, as a statesman. A quick analysis of five of the mega churches in the country, wont be complete, if the the church he founded and is excelling, is not among the top churches in the country.

Bishop Agyinasare, who is now the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International, has indeed become successful in all of his endeavours and he acknowledges this to be by the hand of the God, he serves and what unending joy, it is for him, to have all his children, also serve this same God, as his ministers. Luckily for him, all his biological children are also equally excelling in life, giving credence to the fact that, it is a good thing indeed to serve the lord and in so doing, He honours those who serve Him.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare, Rev. Mrs Vivian Agyinasare, Rev. Dr Selaise Agyinasare (and wife Emmanuella), Rev. Francis Agyinasare (and wife Kathryn), and Elvis Ampah (and wife Charlene)

Bishop Agyinasare is married to Reverend Mrs. Vivian Sena Agyinasare and they have three children, two (2) sons and a daughter: Selaise, Francis and Charlene respectively.

Whereas the first two have been officially ordained into the ministry, the husband of Bishop Agyinasare's daughter, is also ordained into the ministry and have once served directly under Bishop Agyinasare as his personal assistant and interpreter at church.

His only daughter is named Lawyer Charlene Agyinasare. She graduated from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom (UK) with her Bachelors Degree in Law and would soon sit for and pass the UK Professional Law Courses (PLC), making her eligible to practice law in the UK.

She then moved to Ghana, and enrolled at Makola Law School and equally passed her PLC in October 2017, making her, called to both the UK Bar and Ghana Bar now.

In announcing this great achievement, the obviously elated Bishop Agyinasare, took to his Facebook page, to share write that:

"What a day? My baby girl Charlene, today was called to the Ghana Bar as a Lawyer to practice Law both in the UK and Ghana. Congratulations", attracting thousands of congratulatory messages from many of the church's members and loved ones.

Lawyer Mrs. Charlene Agyinasare-Ampah.

Charlene Agyinasare started schooling here in Ghana, at the highly renowned and expensive school, based at Tema, Tema International School (TIS), where she studied for International Baccalaureate, as opposed to the SSCE, many are familiar with in Ghana.

She then travelled to the UK, as she had gained admission to study at the University of Hull, where she was a course representative and earned also, her Bachelors Degree and proceeded to the University of Law, where she graduated successfully with a Masters Degree in Business and Management Law and undertook the UK Legal Practice Law, which aided her to be called to the UK Bar eventually.

She again attended the University of Southampton, and has a second Master's Degree in Law (LLM), whiles studying for this, she also worked for a year in the UK at the Axis Legal, a medium sized law chamber based in Coppull, England with specialties in Residential Conveyancing, Commercial Property, Property Audit Services, and Compliance Services.

She packed her bag and baggage, moving to Ghana in 2018 and would soon find work at the Ghana National Gas Company. Currently, by virtue of grace of God, and her sheer diligence, she is now one of few Senior Legal Officers, in the entire firm, nationwide. Having started work at the Ghana National Gas Company in March 2019, her wedding took place just five (5) months on, as by 28th August 2019, her father was officiating her glamours wedding at the 13,000 seater Perez Dome.

Her husband is Pastor. Elvis Ampah, a n ordained pastor in the Perez Chapel International, who once directly served Bishop Agyinasare, as his Personal Assistant. Whereas I cannot confirm, whether he is still with the church's youth wing named Timothy Generation Church, (based at the Perez Church), I can however confirm that, Bishop Agyinasare's first born, Pastor Dr. Selassie Agyinasare, has been moved from the same youth wing church as its President, to now become the Resident Pastor at the Perez Dome, whiles the Second born, Pastor Francis Agyinasare, heads the main French speaking Church service, also at the Perez Dome.

Bishop Agyinasare's with his family and Son-In-Law, Pastor Elvis Ampah.

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Charlene Agyinasare Charles Agyinasare Francis Selaise Vivian Agyinasare


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