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For your own good, use this herb to seek for favor, protection and to rebuke any negative spirit

Lets me tell you something small about this leaf. In durbar ground, aside "bitter gourd" this particular herb called Miracle leaf which am going to talk about, is also part of the top herbs used by our greats chiefs and also our great herbalist to see things spiritual and any action taking by their enemies or opponent .

So in this article I will tell you how to use this miracle herb to protect yourself and also how to use it for protection. To begin, when you plant this herb in front or at the back of your compound, its help drive away evil or any negative spirit around your area. To continue, Miracle leaf has it own dislike, so when it is in your house, you don't have to touch it with broom or a cooking knife, unless it's far from your house.

Positively, the Spirituality of this herb is not ordinary to misbehave with it. Whenever you feel tormented by evil spirits or a departed soul, just go for 21 leaflet its facing the sun rays, get a bucket of water and granulate the leaves inside the water with addition of stone salt and bath with it.

If you want to remember all your dreams and see what going on in your life, just get 3 leaflet of the herb and speak whatever you want it to reveal to you in your dream and place it under your pillow and sleep over it.

If you need favor or promotion in your area or work place, just get one leave and speak to I and put it at your back of your pocket.

This herb can do anything for you with your own command to overcome anything especially your enemies, that's why its got its name "hate me and die" (Tameawu). When any negative spirit cross your doorstep and tries to harm you, the anger of the herb will return that spirit and protect you from any dangers.

Just use it wisely and you will get more benefits from the herbs. Please help to like, share and asked anything you want to know about.

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