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We Use This In Our Daily Lives And Can Turn You Into A Cripple When It's In The Wrong Hands.

There are a lot of foodstuffs that are used for a lot of purposes in the church and also the spiritual world. An Evangelist named Evangelist Appiasie revealed how the ordinary pepper we use in our daily lives can be used to spoil your life forever.

He said “there are a lot of ways people can use pepper but the children of God or Christians doesn't really know how to do it”.

He started by saying if someone wants make you a cripple for life you can use pepper, but this is only performed by the demonic world, so he is there to warn the children of God to be alert.

 He said the person can use it against you is when he or she knows your door step or where you usually pass. So when he finishes with the incantations on the pepper, and he or she places the pepper whether on your door step or the road you usually pass on you will just turn into a cripple on that minutes.

So Christians should be very careful and prayerful every day.

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