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Husband and wife relationship

Meet the first wife of Adam and why she was never mentioned in the Bible, it is not eve

The current Bible does not mention Lilith despite she being the original wife of Adam who was created at the same time and from the same clay with Adam and not eve who was later created by Adam’s rib.Genesis 1:27 as well as Genesis 2:22 explains their two respective creations and their relationship to Adam.

She is mentioned in the book of Adam and Eve as Adam’s first wife and the fiery female demon who first cohabited(with man) who represents a physical source of occultism, western culture, literature and horror.

Lilith however left Adam after she refused to return the garden of Eden and be submissive onto him after she had coupled with the archangel Samuel.

Many prophets often describe the nature of Lilith as a dangerous and cunning demon night demon of the dark who is sexually wanton and who steals babies in the darkness. 

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