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A Pastor Who Married Two Wives

A polygamous pastor, who has two sister's wives has become a dad for the twelfth time.Now the three of them, all of whom are devout Christians, plan to raise the baby together, with Reba calling herself ‘mum’ and 44-year-old Belinda calling herself ‘mumma’.We’re all closer and she will be brought up with three times the love.We are all her parents and we will all play a part in raising her, if anything, having two mums is better than one.Thom and Belinda became close to Reba when she volunteered with them at the church soup kitchen in their hometown of Mansfield Ohio.Reba moved into the couple’s marital home, ‘married’ Thom on his seven-year anniversary to Belinda and fell pregnant shortly after.Thom and his wives say the pregnancy was a joint decision, and all three were involved every step of the way.Belinda said,she felt very excited when she was born and I felt as if she was a part of me as she was a part of them. I mean we are one big family. And despite the exhaustion of caring for a newborn, the trio insists that having a baby hasn’t changed their sex lives at all.Thom said I have no issues at all sexually and there’s still no difference between them, I’m not more excited to be with one over the other.I love each one of them differently and we share intimacy differently. I’m 61-years-old and I’m still a man. Reba endured an 18 hour labour and gave birth naturally on March 31 with the support of Thom and her elder sister's wife.Belinda who has seven other children is now guiding new mum Reba through the first weeks of motherhood, and the pair split the responsibilities equally.Reba said she breastfeed Catherine and I express milk so Belinda and Thom can feed her too.I feel lucky to have a sister wife to help care for the baby. If I am tired Belinda is always on hand to step in and give me a break.Thom spends three evenings with one wife before spending the next three nights with the other.Belinda’s daughter, Jamie lives in the unconventional family home but is thrilled to welcome her new sister.She said Living with a polyamorous family is amazing. I have two mums and a dad and I think that Catherine is lucky to be brought up in such a loving home.

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