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How fall in love with Christ again

Love is the most sort for yet least shown in our society today. Love is the greatest thing that humanity need on earth to live at peace with each other.

Many people have one way or another fall out of love for fellow human beings all because of money, hate, envy, and other reasons soo sad to understand.

We are living in a time where people don't think twice before they hurt their fellow human beings. The world is flooded with wars, man slaughter, theft, and all sort of bad practices.

All we need in this world is love. Because when someone love you, that person will not fight you or steal your things or harm you in any way.

The Bible says that God is love and those abide in him must also abide in love.

Many people have been bittered by others to the extent that they find it difficult to love and trust others again.

Remember that despite our sins day in and day out, Jesus still loves us. May God love locate you wherever you are and help you love Him again.

I pray for the spirit of forgiveness to abide in you so that you can forgive others and let all your pains and bitterness go.

God bless you.

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