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I Saw Him But I Didn't Know You Were The One - A Woman Sadly Tells Archbishop Duncan Williams

Mostly, people believe in what they see at a particular point in time than looking beyond. Looking down upon people because of their appearance is what most people do, which is very wrong.

In this article, I have gathered some information about a woman who sadly tells the most popular Bishop in Ghana. Bishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams after a man came to her shop looking disgusted.

Though the woman's identity was not revealed but I think this is a great lesson we should all know and take as advice.

Madam Rebecca revealed someone came to her for support in the shop she is working. The person looks disgusted, and because of his appearance, she decided to throw him out of her shop. Not knowing who truly the was, and even not anxious to find out.

This woman has been one of the top figures who worship with Archbishop Duncan Williams. Bishop decided to pay some of his church members a surprise visit but he will disgust himself and see how they will welcome him.

Madam Rebecca was the first person he visited, who shared her part of the story and the experience she had in the test. After she jerked the man out of her shop.

A week later, Archbishop went to the same place again but this time he revealed his identity without disgusting himself. He was warmly welcome and after she told the woman I was the man who came here last week and you sacked me. I wanted to test your faith but you could bear with me you failed the test and this a lesson we should all learn.

You are not the only person I came to see, I visited many of my church members some were able to pass the test and just a few failed this means we all have a lot of work to do in the lord.

Thank you for reading, please don’t forget to follow me drop your comment as we discuss the lesson in this story.

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