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What is the Worst Thing a Prophet Said To You - Read Surprising Revealations People Made

Many people have been sharing their ordeal they went through with their spiritual fathers and pastors. People have also become conscious about the tricks pastors have been playing on people these days.

One person's out of curiousity asked people that What is the Worst thins a prophet said to you and also knew it was a lie. This post was in aim to expose fake pastors and their lies they live on.

From the comments, it appears that the ladies were those who were affected by these fake pastors. One lady said that a pastor told her she would get a rich man to marry and have a big wedding. She later said that she was married long ago and was shocked this pastor was telling these lies. Another person said a pastor told her if she hadn't met him the pastor, she would have died. She also said that was a big lie.

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